Wednesday, October 17, 2012


There is a lizard in my car.  I had been home for about an hour when I walked out to the garage to grab my sunglasses.  Lizard.  On front seat.

Excuse me lizard.  Were you riding with me to the doctor's office?  Or did you just make your way in?  How did you get in might I ask? Did you crawl through a microscopic crevice?  Jerk.

Twinky was locked into the car with him for an hour, but she did not catch him.  She just curled up on the front seat and lounged.  So much for plan A.  Plan B is Nick.  Just Nick.

I might as well show you the rest of the gang from my porch.  Now I'm thinking there are just as many reptiles housed in my garage.  I do not look forward to packing day when we move.  Lizards jumping out at us from all angles!!

This is Alistair.

His name is Jimminy.

And finally Corey Matthews.  Could Corey be the one in the car too?


Tara said...

my favorite is corey matthews. obvi.

Tara said...

my favorite is corey matthews. obvi.