Sunday, October 14, 2012

i killed biff.

Do you remember Biff and Linda?  They were the anole couple that lived on my back porch.  They had a baby this summer.  I didn't name him.  Let's call him Corey.

Biff is the green one... I think.  

Biff was a victim of my post cockroach insecticide apocalypse.  Let me explain.  You see, I sprayed our house inside and out with many layers of a household insecticide.  Every window, crevasse, nook or cranny was coated.  The porch was not spared.  In retrospect perhaps I should not have sprayed the porch.  I theorize Biff feasted on the dead bug buffet under the window... and was poisoned!  I walked out one morning to Biff (I think it was Biff, he turned a zombie shade of gray in death) hanging from our window sill.  Three legs on, one off, head lolling off to the side.

"I think Biff is dead" I yelled to Nick.  Nick confirmed the obvious and removed Biff from the window and gave him a touching send off, meaning he flung him from the porch.  Then we saw Linda.  She didn't seem sad, she was cavorting around with that damn skink that had gotten into the house earlier!!

If you'd like for me to review with you what kinds of creatures live on our house here we are.  Two anoles, two skinks, a family of geckos, an assortment of tree frogs.  Just stay outside and eat bugs guys and you'll be fine with me.

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