Saturday, February 11, 2012

it's getting excessive- i know.

I made a cat video.  I told myself I wouldn't, but Twinky is just so bad.  Here is a montage of Twinky doing bad things.  Most of the bad things she does are hard to capture on video because she stops doing them when I whip out the camera.  Kind of like how I had to stop typing three times to stop her from attacking Owen's hands between (had to get up again) the crib bumper.

I added some hellish music to enhance the vibe.

Let me know in the comments if the video doesn't work.  I've only made one other movie in iMovie.

Last night in repayment for Twinky being so incredibly bad- I decided to "bread" her.  I've submitted her picture to the website ( so here's to hoping she makes it on!

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Anonymous said...

I've blown off work for the past hour getting caught up on your blogs, and it was worth it. This is hilarious, Kaley!

Chrissy Long