Friday, February 10, 2012

crazy catsville ladies.

kaley- your blog sucks.  and it's boring.
i see it down there, and to be quite honest, i'm not interested.  

The community where I live was formerly a retirement community... or something like that.  I'm not too clear on the specifics, let's just say there are a buttload of old folks in my neighborhood.  Old folks that drive around in golf carts and sit in recliners parked in their garages.  Excuse me, I digress, but I'm just trying to set the scene for you.

Owen and I see lots of fun things on our walks together.  Sometimes there is an old fat man "walking" his dog by holding the dogs leash while his dog runs alongside his golf cart.  Then there are the crazy cat ladies.  You had to see that coming.  Old ladies and cats?  It's almost cliche.  Owen and I counted 13 cats on one particular porch last week.  Thirteen.  Cats.  I'm watching hoarders specifically to catch this lady.

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