Thursday, February 9, 2012

bad kitty.

Twinky has been suffering from some behavioral problems as of late.  Don't take my word for it.  Review the evidence- and I must say- it's pretty overwhelming.

This isn't so much bad as it is creepy.
She sits on the coffee table and stares at me.

Twinky sitting on my pillow while I'm sewing it.  

This grainy photo was captured when Twinkie jumped onto the tallest bookcase late at night.  


Found.  Kitten.  In baby's crib. Past her bedtime.  

This is Twinky waiting for me to look away so she can chew on the wireless router.
(Which she was chewing on as I wrote the caption)

Pacifier sans nipple.  Courtesy of Twinky's insatiable appetite for all things plastic

She does have a small head.

I haven't been saving these up.  All of these photos are from this week.  Still I love my kitty.  I've been thinking about "breading" her.  Stay tuned.

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