Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Squanto. He who must not be named.

The church I attend holds its services in an elementary school auditorium.  Periodically they will have student work displayed.  I must admit that this Sunday I was quite distracted from the sermon.  What the assignment was, I cannot tell you.  I can only tell you this.  Voldemort would win.

Squanto is short for Tisquantum.  He was the native american who taught the pilgrims to plant corn.  I know this because I did a student teaching lesson on it, back when I still had a passion for teaching.  This seems an unfair match up to me.  At least peg him against John Smith who had a musket.  All Squanto had was a corn cob.  Corn cob vs. Elder wand.  I'm going to go with Elder wand.  A helpful indian vs. the most powerful dark wizard of all time... once again, I'm going with Riddle.  I'll give Squanto this.  He has a pretty B.A. "q" in his name while VoLdemort only has a misplaced capital "L".


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I second that agreement.

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