Thursday, May 26, 2011

blame it on the alcohol.

Here is an example where I should have intervened and stopped a conversation between 5th graders, but I let it go on because I'm tired, pregnant, and was slightly amused.  You may not notice, but I changed the names to protect the innocent.

Pluto:  Did you just say vodka?
Mars:  Vodka is alcohol with water added.
Venus:  Yeah, and then you set it on fire!
Mars:  Wine has healing qualities, if your feet smell, then it takes the smell away.
Venus:  I saw a video of a guy who set his eye on fire with vodka.

Then I intervened.  This is what your kids are talking about.  This is what your kids are watching on television and youtube when you are not supervising them.  Are you scared yet?
"do your feet smell?"  "they did, but not after this glass of wine"

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