Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"whose bill can hold more than his bellican"

When I am in California I pick up postcards. I like postcards a lot, even if they weren't sent to me. Some I send to my Granny. Some I send to my cousins. Some I just keep.
This postcard I picked up because it has a pelican, and, well, I love waterfowl. Today I actually sat down and read the poem on this postcard- which I previously left unread.

Here is what it says:

A Gorgeous Bird
is the Pelican.
Whose Bill can Hold
more than his Bellican.
He can put in his Beak,
Food enough for a week.
But I'm Blest if I can see
how in Hellican.

I thought that was a poem worth sharing. I wish I had written it.


Filia Dei said...

Isnt' that a limerick? I wish I could write poetry that clever too.

tp said...

hahahehehohoho... i love that postcard! bellican! ha!

cottage girl said...

sounds like Shel Silverstein. love it!!