Sunday, April 11, 2010


a monumental bittersweet moment in my life

For something to be bittersweet it must be pleasant and painful at the same time. Or some sort of creeping plant from the nightshade family.

I haven't really thought of the Navy life as being bittersweet until today. I was driving home from seeing Nick for the last time in two months. This is not strange. He's been gone for two month periods for almost two years. The variable this time is that I am in San Diego. Alone.

When Nick first left for the Navy I was a certifiable hot mess. You could have called me Britney. I almost shaved my head and beat a car with a baseball bat. After that period of my life I was simply melancholy, akin to Eeyore. I'd like to think that now I roll with the punches. He comes, he goes, I adapt.

I'm getting used to bittersweet moments. When Nick first left for OCS I cried about a month prior. This time Nick left I didn't think about it until the night before and didn't even shed tears when he left (I just got a little veh-clemt).

I'm embracing the bittersweet. Nick gone- bitter. Nick here- sweet.

Besides, there is nothing bitter about a homecoming!

Those were my deep thoughts from Jack Handy.

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tp said...

my dear friend- I am so proud of the place you've allowed yourself to come to after more than a year of this. but I'm sorry that again, you're without the hubs. he'll be back....