Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Growing Up.


I'm almost 24. I've only recently begun to feel "grown up". It's a little hard to feel like you deserve the title of "Woman" when your mom folds your laundry. I didn't even feel grown up when I lived by myself in our little apartment with Kitty. I can't explain why I don't. It could be because people treat me like I'm 16 in public. It could be that most people over the age of 12 are bigger than me. It could be that I read children's novels.

I think the reason I have been feeling grown up lately is that I have been forced to make phone calls. Usually I beg my mom (or occasionally Tara... gosh even once or twice LP) to pose as me and make a phone call. This could be the doctor, a 1-800 number, the chinese delivery people...However, recently I have been making calls for myself. One day my child will be manipulating me to make calls for them!
Also, if you have foot in mouth syndrome... like your totally obnoxious and inappropriate... do people accept that better when you are more-well- adult? Just wondering.

Totally unrelated- The fam came to say goodbye :(
Here's some pictures of Xander and Gisela's cuteness.

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Love or Nothing said...

oh the kids are SO cute.. adorable. don't worry, i don't feel like an adult either, even being in the real world. i also think it's better to feel younger because we have plenty of time to be old later. :)