Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I am so thankful to Drea and Renata who took some wonderful photos of my wedding. I was looking through them recently and found some pretty amusing candid shoots. I'm sure they included these for my pleasure :) I also found some that I really liked but didn't put in my facebook album... so I don't remember them as well.
Here they are!

Is it too vain to say I really like this picture...of myself?

Renata caught the guys just precisely before they jumped! Ha ha :)

I love this shot. I have no idea what Nick said, but I'm glad I'm so excited.

Nick and I decided to get a shot where he is under my veil. Well, I'm 60" and he is 72". You do the math. The sad part is I'm wearing 3" heels!

I loved my wedding day, it was so fun to find these!

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