Sunday, June 1, 2008

Friends, (Blogged with the all consuming knowledge that I look dumb in a hat)

Nick and I are having an eventful weekend. We moved Nick's mom out of her apartment yesterday, and then moved all that stuff into our own some. Oh, and there was a torrential downpour while moving.

And so, since Nick is a man, he scheduled a baseball game for yesterday night. We made it, but barely. Because moving is hard. And because Nick's best man is perpetually late.

Highlights on the Red Sox vs. Orioles baseball extravaganza.

  • I was reduced to a fit of giggles out of JOY because I experienced one of the best "waves" EVER! Fantastic

  • Manny Ramirez hit his 500 homerun, which Nick informs me is quite the feat. I am proud of Manny. I have a Manny Ramirez t-shirt. Nick was excited. He couldn't sit down for, like, three innings.

  • A real conversation between me and my future husband:

"Would you have asked me out on a date if I liked the Yankees?"

(Long Pause) "...Maybe"

Please don't make fun of the hat or how busted we look in the above pictures. Nick's mom lives up THREE butt kicking flights of stairs. My calves almost abandoned my body, it was that painful. Big shout out to my BFF Tara who gave me a painted plate and helped me scrub and deconstruct boxes. That's what Hetero-life mates are for! (I love her). And then even went to get some gyros from the Greek fest and still finished moving on time!

Love, Kaley and Nick

PS This is what Nick did during my blogging:


Anonymous said...

If Jessica was a dallas cowboy fan I'm telling you there would be NO RING IN HER FUTURE. Nick is a good catch.

Brian Lomax said...


The brim of that hat just seems very very big. Is it really that big or is it just the picture? It's nice that you're supporting your man's team, even if they're the wrong team to support :)