Friday, May 30, 2008

Busy Bees

Sorry I haven't posted as much as my 5 foot counterpart, but I have been busy. Not really, but I like to think I have been. On Tuesday I walked into Adams "The Place for Ribs" to check my schedule for the week and low and behold, they forgot to put me on. I was thinking to myself, this is either pretty good or pretty bad. Good, because I don't have to work for a week, bad because I am getting married in 22 days and need to rake in the dough so that I can provide for my future life mate. So I have been kind of keeping myself busy.

I must say, that most of my time has been devoted to the Internet. What a wonderful thing the Internet is. I can waste hours online just clicking on things. You look at one thing and see a link to something that interests you and it just goes on from there. I think I found my next project on the Internet. As you may know, I am a proud owner of a soprano sized ukulele. Now, since acquiring such an instrument I have become pretty obsessed with it. I have scoured our good friend the "Internet" for tips, tricks, advice, instruction, and entertainment on our smaller guitar counterpart. Now, for the past two days I have stumbled across cigar box ukuleles. Yes, you read right. I think that I am going to try and build one. I brought this to the attention of my beautiful fiancee while driving yesterday and her reaction was, "Maybe you should wait" which translates to "I will kill you if build something to annoy me with". So Kaley isn't to fond of the idea but I will be making a stringed instrument that may not sound quite nice, so I understand her ill feelings. Anywho, I think this will be my summer project.

Other busy news, I move into Kaley and I's apartment tomorrow. It is just another step to that day we say "I do". I am pretty excited but at the same time nervous because I have to move a sleeper sofa which is going to be a pain. It should be fine though.

To close I think I will tell an amusing story. So it's the end of the year for Kaley and she has done her best these last couple weeks to control and entertain a third grade class that is, shall I say, not the quickest bunch of kids. So she has been working pretty hard and so every time she has come home she has been pretty tired. Well, today was the same as the previous couple days. So we get back to her house after spending a lovely evening with our friends Ben and Tara and Kaley falls asleep. Before I go I ask her if she has set her alarm for tomorrow because we have to get up early. Now for a little back story. The beginning of the school year was rough for Kaley. It's her first year and her kids drove her crazy. So sometimes when I would call her I would catch her while she was sleeping. Our conversations were pretty interesting because she would still kind of be sleeping and she would be recalling her dreams while she talked to me. So I would tell her something like, I just got back into Salisbury. And her response would be, "Did you have a good time with Josh". HUH?!?!?! This is one of her students. So I would get splices of crazy talk sometimes. It hasn't happened in a long time. Until tonight, back to my story. So I ask her if she set her alarm and she responded, "yes". Then I asked her what time she set if for and her response... "onions". I can only chuckle to myself and know that I will be marrying the most amazing girl ever. Kaley and I have been very busy bees this week. Goodnight.


Nick and Kaley

P.S. The National Spelling Bee was today and yesterday. Its always the highlight of my "just getting out of school for the summer" phase. Sameer Mishra from West Lafayette, Indiana won by spelling the word "guerdon". Congrats Sameer!

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