Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dazzling New Purchases!

Dear friends,

This week, Nick and I have made some important purchases for our new life. This first are these (totally necessary) water shoes. Folks, some of you may know that Cozumel is surrounded by coral reef. Nick and I decided to protect our feet and get some COOL water shoes!

I am also thinking these purple water shoes will go great with my skin cancer hat!

Also, Nick and I also learned from watching the travel channel that the hike up Mt. Kilauea is 7 miles. So, I am in my "walking" gear because I am trying to see if I could ever walk 7 miles without dying. Today we walked 2.8 miles. One quarter of which was uphill. So, by the time Nick and I save up enough money to get to Hawaii, I will have built up my walking endurance to 7 miles. I'll keep you updated.

By the way, after searching for the spelling of Mt. K... I found this image. Which made me rethink if people were truly hiking up this vault of fiery death.

But then I also saw this image... so maybe the volcanic ash is just a really good fertilizer for tropical foliage. Don't ask me, Nick's the geographer. (Does that apply? Probably you should ask a botanist or something)

Also, Nick and I are inheriting "Kitty" from Nick's mom. See, she is moving to Wales. And to save Sharon money and Kitty six months of quarentine(because Britain is free of rabies) ... we are adopting her! I splurged a little and bought her this superbly classy cat dish.

Thereby proving without Nick I am at GREAT risk of becoming a crazy cat lady. But he let me buy the dish anyway!
Love, Kaley & Nick


Anonymous said...

sweet water shoes. i have a pair and they work great. i wore them kayaking today. Kaley I love your blogs but i think you need to pressure Nick to pick up his share. he is slacking. ;)

tp said...

hahahahahahaha. that cat dish! hahahahahaha.

Brian Lomax said...


I recognize his talent and skills. However, Fernando Torres is still the spawn of Satan in my eyes. I am doing well though, hope you and Kaley are too.

PS Kaley, I love that Africa was placed where Russia should be on the map. I would think that the black kids in the class would at least know where Africa is, but I guess thats expecting a little too much.