Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I'm tired, but never too tired to blog. Nick is currently living in Watergate Village and is out getting some milk and cereal at Royal Farms. Faced with the knowledge that he may be mugged and killed... I will blog away my time waiting for a phone call to confirm he is alive.

Today one of my students told me I must give him my first born child. This is the same student I think might come back and kill me one day. Little does he know, this just adds fuel to the fire.

Also, My brother (Marshall) and his girlfriend had baby #2 yesterday. They named him Xander Armetta Miller. One day he is going to grow up and join the X-men...because you kind of almost have to with a name like that (pronounced X-ander not Zander). So, here I am holding the little bundle of 6 lbs 12 oz and 21 in. I one day hope to have babies that small and not mammoth babies like my poor mother had to birth.

Well, the whole point of this was to post a picture of the baby. I have spent the past ten minutes trying to find the card that holds this... but I only found my Granddad's 80th birthday part (3 years ago) and christmas. My parents don't delete anything!

Shout out to my bff's new blog. Read it. Love it. Comment on it. I love her.
Peace, Kaley... and Nick even though he's far away (with no internet access...YET)


Andrea said...

Just an fyi, the recent wedding pictures I posted on the blog will not hold a fire to your smokin' images. :) I am excited!

Andrea said...

Did I use that right? "Not hold a fire"? Oh well, you get what I mean.