Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday: More commonly known as "Hump" day

Dear readers,

I am currently residing in a virtual wasteland of everything Nick and I have ever owned. And presently received from our Bridal Shower. It is hard to walk around in my room, and I just heard Nick fall in there. I'm not even joking.

I met with my florist today. She knows ALOT of ribbon color names. List of ribbon colors I learned today:

  • Blush

  • Tea rose

  • Raspberry

  • I can lamely think of no more, but trust me there were more.

  • For future reference: Bubble gum and blush do not mesh. You are unwise to combine them. I know, I did, and now I am embarrassed the thought even crossed my mind.

So, for recess I let my class watch "The Chronicles of Narnia" and prefaced it by saying:
"Children, there is only one thing Miss M likes more than Harry Potter. And that is the Chronicles of Narnia. And perhaps I like these even more than Harry. If you talk today during the movie, you will incur my wrath. Be prepared to be taken into a dreamworld of magic"

Which of course is from lazy sunday...which most of them have probably seen. Now, they are trying to read the C.O.N. books which is sadly comical... because most of them can't read on that level. I say comical, because eventually...after eight months... you have to get past how desperately sad it is and laugh. They all want to read "The Last Battle" because the unicorn has a bloody horn.

Nick and I are looking forward to going to IKEA and getting a dresser on Saturday. Please stay posted as I will certainly share a picture with my friends when Nick has assembled it. (Probably alone with no help from me).

Love, Kaley & Nick

PS Good news, now that Nick is home, I don't have to hang out with the cat so much!


shrtstormtrooper said...

Larry!? Okay, I laughed at that. I have no life.

She Can Laugh at the Days to Come said...

I would like to be added to your "we stalk" list...

:-) Haha.

- kt k

artillerywifecq said...

LP sent me over her to tell you that you rock

More importantly nothing is better then harry potter. NOTHING i tell you!