Friday, May 23, 2008


Ok, I am all about numbers, the more the better. So I put the little counter thing on the page off to the side and I have been pretty disappointed at the number of hits that our blog gets. So I decided to put a second one on down at the bottom of the page just to see if they match up and record the same number. Well, low and behold, the original one is lower than the one I put down at the bottom. I've been duped, the counter isn't doing its job, it's not counting!! I have been decieved and am very upset. I don't think that I can trust this counter anymore, our relationship as blog and counter is over! This whole time I thought you guys didn't care but I have been decieved by the traitor to the right.

More seriously now, I started working this week. I got a summer job waiting tables at Adam's, The Place for Ribs, (a little free advertisement there). I started on Tuesday and had to train. I've waited tables before and not to be cocky or anything but I'm pretty good at it. I had to train again on Wednesday and I was supposed to train last night but when I walked in I was told that I would be taking my own table, awsome. It was a pretty slow night but I did pretty well, I think that I did better than the other servers.

Yesterday I also got my official date to Officer Candiate School for the Navy. I am the class of September 14, 2008. And I get sworn into the Navy on June 2nd. So on the second of June it will be official, I will be a sailor in the United States Navy. Kind of a side note but kind of related. Since I have had all the time in the world, I took an online boating certification course and got my boating certification. Its funny though, becuase in a little while I'll be driving huge multi-billion dollar Naval vessels instead of your typical 24 foot recreational boat. Anyways, I'm pretty excited for the Navy. That's all I got for you guys. Good Day!

This will be me during Officer Candidate School.

Hopefully this will be me afterwards.

Nick and Kaley

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