Monday, May 12, 2008


So good news! Nick and I are now the proud renters of apartment 206 in Watergate Village! As of June 1 that is. We got pretty excited so we bought a beautiful blue crab welcome mat. Please stop by and see it some time...after June 1st. We looked into renting a rental truck and it was only 30 bucks! But then they charge you a dollar a mile! I feel that this is a gyp! Seriously, don't sucker me in with your killer deals and leave me stranded with this one dollar a mile. Whatever, I'll show them. I don't know how but I will. Also, I feel that this is good news for our highly anticipated tennis hobby!!!

I hope everyone likes my Mexican skin cancer hat! Please feel bad for Nick as he will have to walk around with me, his new wife, in a sun hat that is officially worn by persons over the age of 50. However, I must shield my neck from the suns vicious rays. And seeing as how Mexico is just a hop, skip, and jump away from the equator... I'm taking every precaution!

So, I had to teach the students about the Rocky Mountain States and I had to find out which state meant "snow-clad". So, after a lengthy conversation with my recent mexican immigrant
 and armed with a Spanish-English dictionary we found out snow in spanish is nieve... which would seem to implicate Nevada as the guilty state... but isn't Nevada mostly desert? If that makes me an inept elementary teacher I apoligize.

I can think of nothing else relevant at this time

Keep it real folks!



Andrew said...

shut up Kaley

Andrea said...

YOU HAVE A BLOG YAAAY! You are officially on our blog roll now :)

P.S. Don't hate on the big floppy hats - at least when you wear yours you don't look like a Chinese rice farmer, unlike some people. :(

Can't wait to see your place!

shrtstormtrooper said...

Nice hat!

Also, HOORAY for the new home! I'll be stopping by. After June 1, of course.