Monday, April 28, 2008

Marrying a Myers

Dear Readers,

Rest easy, for the long awaited blog of Nick has arrived.

Kaley has done an excellent job picking up the slack the past two weeks with starting this blog and providing something good for you the reader. I will admit, I was putting this off because I am a bit lazy when it comes to writing. In fact, I am writing a paper this very moment for one of my classes that was due a couple days ago (sorry Kaley). I figured that I could use the procrastination time to update this blog and make my future wife content that I am contributing to this "married" blog.

So what's new? I will tell you. I have two weeks of classes left and I graduate in three weeks. Can't get any more exciting than that. But it can. Last week, as you may already know, I was told that I was selected to go to the Navy's Officer Candidate School up in Newport, Rhode Island. Upon graduation of said school I will be and Ensign in the United States Navy. Not only was I selected for the Navy but I was selected into their Meteorology program as well. You may be asking yourselves why is this exciting and some of you may be asking what the heck is meteorology, why does the Navy study meteors? Well to answer your first question, this is what I studied in college so I will be applying my studies to my career and to answer the second question, seriously? Anyways, its exciting because now Kaley and I know what lies ahead for our future.

To our upcoming marriage. I can honestly say that I am 100% excited and ready to be married to the most beautiful and wonderful woman in the world. We are t minus 53 days to the big day. I am excited to spend the rest of my waking days with the woman that captures my heart. I know that marriage holds many things that I will not expect but I can't wait to find out what those things are. I think that I am going to stop there and let Kaley talk about married things because I think that I am sounding kind of gay now.

I am going to end this blog with a recap of this weekend. On Saturday Kaley and I went to dinner with her Aunt and Uncle for a pre-marital exercise. We talked about family of origin and in laws. Anyways, Gilbert (Kaley's uncle) said how all the Myers (Kaley's mom's side) have married opposite of themselves. Now if you don't know, the Myers are a reserved people. They're not to keen on being outspoken or addressing conflict. So, when marrying they have married very outgoing people. Now, in church on Sunday we ran into Kaley's other Aunt and Uncle, Bob and Alice. Bob is a Myers so Alice is very outgoing and talkative. Anyways, we told her about our weekend and how we had dinner with Marty and Gilbert and Alice says that the Myers marry people who are opposite of themselves, funny because that is what Gilbert said the night prior. This leads me to what Kaley and I did Friday night.

We went to Rams Head to watch a show. We went to watch Dave Barnes and Andy Davis. Now I really like Dave Barnes, so much so that I chose one of his songs to be Kaley and my's first dance song. So you can imagine that when I learned he was going to be playing here in Annapolis, I jumped on the opportunity to go see him. So we get to the show and we order some drinks and some food (both food choices had entirely too much bacon in it) and we waited for Andy Davis to open up. Now the whole time, since I ordered the tickets a couple weeks in advance, I could sense that Kaley was apprehensive of watching the show. I don't think she shares the same passion I do for Dave Barnes but she was gracious enough to come with me, plus she has to because we will be married soon and as a rule we have to do everything with each other. So Andy Davis comes on and starts to play the keyboard and sing. He was amazing. I love listening and watching musicians like him because they are so talented. He sounded exactly as what he would sound on a cd. He was pretty funny too. Kaley fell in love with him. She thought that his voice was amazing that he looked like Sam wise Gamgee (correct spelling?). If you don't know, Kaley has crushes on hobits that have a little meat on them. She says that I kind of look like Sam wise, so of course she now has a crush on this Andy Davis guy. Andy if you are reading, watch your back! Then Dave Barnes came up on stage. He was really good too and he was totally hilarious. He could be a stand up comedian.

This leads me to the Myers family gene. So the show ends and Kaley and I buy Andy Davis's new cd, buy it is really good (Let the Woman), and I ask her if she wants to go talk to Andy and have him sign our ticket stub. She says no. I am a little shocked at this point because all she could talk about was how amazing he was. So it took a little while and about 10 minutes later I walked up to him, shook his hand and asked if he would sign our ticket stub. Kaley stands behind me the whole time and doesn't really say anything. The Myers gene. Then I wanted to see Dave Barnes so that I could get a picture and tell him that we are using one of his songs for our first dance. So we wait and he doesn't come out. Kaley continues to ask if we really need to wait and she keeps telling me that she doesn't think that he is going to come out. This is her way of avoiding talking to him. But we wait and eventually he comes out and we talk to him and he gets in a picture with us. So from this I know that, yes the Myers are very reserved and that I am marrying one but that is ok because I am somewhat outgoing and I think it will work out.

So this is the end of my ridiculously long blog but I am just making up for lost time. I probably won't post for a while so Kaley, keep up the good work.


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