Monday, April 28, 2008

Spring Fever!


Nick and I went to the Dave Barnes concert on Friday. Dave is going to be our first dance song. Nick forced me to stay after so we could tell him. What I would really like to talk about is Andy Davis. He was the opener. I loved him. He was like a dark Samwise Gamgee... but he was wearing skinny jeans. Check him out, I like him alot.
I'm getting excited about the wedding, I sent out invites and scheduled a dress fitting and everything!
My students are crazy from spring. I wrote my first referral today for insubordination. It was so empowering. I'm not really sure what they do, but they seem to scare the students. Then another kid from my class got sent home before he even made it to my classroom for spraying other kids in the EYES with his Axe spray. Someone please save me! Sometimes I sing "Help" from the Beatles in my head while staring at my psychotic class of eight year olds.
OK- instead of a top five, I think I'll write a poem to tell why Nick and I won't crash and burn like Britney and K-Fed.
Here it goes:

There is a sad story
of Britney and K-Fed
It gets a bit gory
There's even a shaved head

Though Nick shaved his beard
He's still rather stable
While her head she sheared
I saw live on cable

Though K-fed has dance moves
He married a loon
She didn't wear her shoes
she'll get fungus soon

So Nick and I will make better decisions
We'll stay off drugs and take intermissions

If he ever thinks of running amuck
Oh well, it's forever, it seems we're stuck

I'm a little rusty. Love, Kaley

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