Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Faithful Blog readers (Of which I'm sure we have none),

I'm writing to update the world in general to the biggest news I've gotten since my engagement.

Nick has been picked up as a Naval OFFICER!!!! He is due to go to Officer Candidate School (OCS) in August we think. Tomorrow I am riding up with him to New Jersey to visit our recruiter who happens to be my old midshipman Demond. You might recognize him from six years ago when he was on the Navy Basketball Poster. (Of course, I'm being ironic, I doubt anyone could remember that) We are very excited about this news!!!!!!!!!!! We have a future!!!

Also, a horrendous package just arrived in the mail. The bottom to my pink polka dot bikini that I plan on wearing to Mexico. This is bad news because I am not in bikini shape. So, I'm going to exercise (me?) and eat like 5 weight watchers points a day until I do not have bikini muffin top! I have worked out three times in one and a half weeks, which does not impress Nick, but impresses me because that tops my number of workout sessions all YEAR! I mean, I couldn't work out today, I had to address 100 wedding invites with Tara! However, this lackluster fitness plan has done little but made me sore and realize how out of shape I am. When you see my wedding pictures, there will only be a skeleton with a wedding dress on and you'll see how successful I've been. Nick on the other hand just told me he lost ten pounds in a week. I'll show HIM! I'm challenging him... to work out... yeah, I'm too lazy to fitness challenge Nick. Good for him though.

My next blog will most definately be celeb centered. I'm thinking: The top ten reasons Nick and I won't end up like Britney and K-Fed...or WILL WE???? Stay tuned.

Love, Kaley (I tried to force Nick to blog, but he said he's too busy)

PS It wouldn't be a blog if I didn't give you a little taste of what it's like to be a third grade teacher 

Student- "does soda come from horses?"

Me- "Yes , everytime a horse becomes a unicorn, a six pack of soda is born"

Student- "Really??!!"

Me- "No, it's carbonated water and syrup. Now do your work"

That could be funny to just me, but it's my life.

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Anonymous said...

remember the corpse bride? her dress hung on her skeleton beautifully. you can do it!
avid reader and fitness guru