Sunday, April 20, 2008

Our first post!

Nick and I have started this blog because we are hoping to eight weeks... start a married blog. If I didn't start it now, odds are that I would forget.

On Monday the 21 of April, the countdown is eight weeks until marriage. After six years of dating, we are feeling extremely pleased to be closer to tying the knot! Though, we don't feel very stressed because we have mostly everything booked.

We're especially excited to be going to Cozumel, Mexico for our honeymoon. Even though I just heard a terrible story about someone getting into a moped accident and the hospital had blood spattered on all of the walls. So, as long as we avoid mopeds, we should have a relatively relaxing honeymoon. The only negative review we read about our resort, Sabor (check it out, it has water slides), was that five years ago one of the staff members tried to attack a stray kitten with a piece of discarded beach glass. We hope the recent rehaul of said resort has gotten rid of such ne'er do wells.

I just had a bridal shower thrown by my bff, Tara Peddicord. It was lovely and perfect and pink and green. We made out like bandits. Nick is especially enthused about the egg and muffin toaster we received. He can't wait to cook eggs in it. I'll admit, it's a little weird, but as long as Nick is happy so am I. I have to admit, as I was opening the bevy of kitchen items I was suddenly struck by this thought "I suck at cooking, I have no culinary talent". So, to solve this problem I have started watching Top Chef on Bravo. I even watched the True Hollywood Story on Rachel Ray today. Give me a couple weeks and I'll be pumping out gourmet meals like...Bobby Flay?
Back to the shower- The only frightening gift we received was a "hot tub" chip and dip bowl. The bowl is a pool. With little clay people sitting around it in their bathing suits. And there's a jacuzzi for the dip of course! I can't wait to use it... or for Nick to take a bat to it. Either one. We are going for a menu tasting on Saturday, so we will update all of you faithful readers on our boring lives soon.
Signing Off,
Kaley Miller

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