Monday, March 26, 2012


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There is something about Harry Potter that resonates with people.  My experience reading it changed after I had Owen.  How could the Dursely's put Lilly Potter's precious little baby, a baby she died for, in a cupboard under the stairs?  When she says "No, not Harry!  Please- I'll do anything" that gives me the shivers.

Words from the world of Hogwarts stick in my noggin and rattle around like tic tacs.  Some days I'll be going down the road thinking mimbulus mimbletonia, or Dirk Cresswell, or liberacorpus!
Somedays I clean the house and wonder why Molly Weasley's house was so messy when all her kids were at Hogwarts.
image by mary grand pre

I have some favorite quotations from the books.

"It was foolish of you to come here tonight, Tom"  Dumbledore.  HP 5

"I have seen your heart, and it is mine" Voldemort's Horcrux HP 7

"Some say he died.  Codswallop in my opinion.  Dunno if he had enough human left in him to die."  Hagrid HP 1

And there are so many more.  What are some of your favorite quotes from Harry Potter?


Shrtstormtrooper said...

"It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." -Dumbledore

cottage girl said...

It's not a quote, but the Weasley's themselves. I love their love of family and togetherness. I love how Molly pretty much adopted Harry as one of her own. When they gave him a watch and his own knitted sweater I melted. They are my favorites.