Sunday, May 8, 2011

mr. darcy.

The perfect movie for an emotional night?  Pride and Prejudice.

I would like to be a little more like Elizabeth Bennett.  Telling off important people in society with no remorse could be so handy.  She's obnoxious.  I can relate.
who wouldn't love a man who stares.

Mr. Darcy reminds me of Nick.  The way he just stares at her instead of replying.  It's a trait I live with everyday.  Except when I am alone for many consecutive days.  That's when I miss his silence.  I love that Mr. Darcy can't say what is on his mind.  He hates to speak.  He hates to engage in conversation with people he doesn't know.  I love that about Mr. Darcy because I love my husband- who is exceptionally like that.

Women of the world- I tell you- I married my own personal Mr. Darcy... unfortunately without the sprawling English Manor and gads upon gads of money.

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