Thursday, May 5, 2011

i was wrong.

I'm a fool!  A fool I tell you!  Listen to my sorrowful tale full of lament and heartbreak.

I moved to San Diego in 2009.  It was gloomy, foggy, rainy and generally nothing like anyone told me it would be like.  I called them liars.  I pouted.  I vented my fury in this very blog you are reading.  They rebuked me.  They told me I was mistaken, that this weather was an exception to the rule.  I laughed in their faces.  Surely I, I who had been here for 6 months knew better than they.  Couldn't they just accept global warming and their own folly?

It was I who was wrong.  I was mistaken.  I have just experienced the best 6 months of weather in my entire existence on planet earth.  The only weather that's going to top this is the weather in heaven with Jesus.  There are no mosquitos.  The sun is cloudless.  The humidity... well, what humidity?  It hasn't rained since Christmas.  A refreshing sea breeze blows continuously.  I have a tan.  I have a better tan than I had after I vacationed in Hawaii.  Hawaii.  I am currently watching the Mission Bay Roller Coaster light up which is miles away courtesy of the visibility and vistas only California can offer.

I am an idiot.  It is awesome here.  AWESOME.  I literally pinch myself every single solitary day.  I ask myself "Is this real?  Do I live here?  Am I really experiencing this weather?"

Soon I will say farewell to the world's most awesome place and say hello to the hellaciously humid and bug filled state of Mississippi.  They boast the title of most obese state.  Further boasting includes swamps and alligators and the sophisticated department store known simply as "Belk's."  You never know.   Perhaps I will be writing a post like this about Mississippi when I am about to move on to our next duty station.


Love or Nothing said...

oh no, mississippi? after beautiful Cali? sad. but i hear they have good pie.. :)

Anonymous said...

Mississippi is much closer to Mom than Cali - and you'll be on the Gulf Coast! The water is a beautiful blue (at least it is in Sarasota) and it's warm. Sounds like a win/win to me ;-).

Amanda said...

O no! Mississippi? I was hoping for Richmond. :o( Total bummer! Well, keep enjoying that weather.