Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Has anyone been watching "Extreme Couponing"?  It's a show that showcases women (and the occasional man) who clip coupons and are able to use their immense brainpower to pay 9 cents for 600 dollars worth of groceries.  I have a few thoughts.  First thought is that I could not be a couponer.  Firstly you have to do math.  Secondly you have to plan your grocery trip into an itemized list and clip hundreds of coupons.  Thirdly you have to want to buy 93 bags of croutons.  I like croutons.  I don't 93 bags like croutons.  I also like deodorant.  Do I need 400 bottles of it?  Apparently if you are a couponer you do.  One woman said she spends 35 hours a week clipping coupons and planning her trips.  Does anyone on that show eat vegetables or do they just survive off of Macaroni and soba noodles?  I guess they eat canned vegetables so they are all full of BPA.

That concludes my thoughts on couponing.


Gina said...

amen and amen.

Filia Dei said...

Yeah, I'm way too lazy to extreme coupon. I don't even remember to bring my reuseable bags to the store with me. I couldn't remember to bring a ton of coupons. Plus, I have a full time job working at home. I couldn't spare 35 hours per week. And, I don't think anyone could use 400 deodorants in a lifetime, much less before they go bad.