Tuesday, February 15, 2011

weird judgement.

As Christians we can be judgmental.

"She's wearing that?"
"He said what?"
"Her doctrine is off."
"I can't believe she is wearing pants."

Well, I'm not here to talk about Christian judgement.  I have a whole 'nother problem.  I judge men's manliness by the car they drive.  I just realized this over the weekend.  To me, a man is not manly unless he drives an SUV or some sort of classic car.  Now, he can't drive a new luxury SUV.  That's girlie.  He has to drive an older SUV that's huge like my husband or my dad, or my best friend's husband.  They can have a lamer car if they have a wife.

What if your husband drives a Jetta?  He's a yuppie.  He doesn't like to work with his hands.
A four door sedan?  He must work on computer software.
A hatchback?  He's a hippie.
A Subaru?  Don't get me started on Subarus.

Would I walk right up to your husband and think this?  No way!  I only just realized I thought this subconsciously.  I had to go through all my feelings on cars.  I imagined a man driving a sedan, and a vw, and all of the above and realized I had all these really weird preconceived notions about manliness.

So friends, I apologize if I ever thought your husband was not very manly.  I now know I have this problem and the first step of recovery is admitting you have a problem.  Isn't it weird that I think my husband is the manliest man ever and to be manly you have to drive a car like him?

I really hope I didn't offend any Subaru drivers, but if I did, you can lambast me in the comment section.  Just don't be too hard on me.  I'm pregnant and I might really overreact to your criticism.


Katie Johnson said...

I'm a judger too, Kaley...Subarus and Fanny Packs are synonymous in my mind.

Filia Dei said...

What about a sports car?