Wednesday, February 16, 2011

february 15, 2002.

Nine years ago today Nick and I went on our first date to Adam's Ribs.  I had the flu.  It was Friday.  Nick showed up with this insanely cheesy glass rose.  A glass rose which I still have.  A glass rose which I still cherish.

I decided to marry this man.  He was my first date, first kiss, first love, first husband ;), and now we're having our first baby.  I love Nick, more than I can express.  He loves me back.  With all that love comes a baby.  A baby with a little bit of Nick and a little bit of Kaley.  It makes my love for Nick grow and deepen.  And I really love this little baby.

I feel so blessed.  God has been weaving an intricate tapestry that is our lives and I could not have anticipated the mighty blessing He has bestowed on me- and my family.  Praise the Lord for his Mercy and his Grace and His plan!

So I guess what I'm saying is that our family has a lot of love.  And blessings.  And I guess I'm also showing my amplified pregnancy emotions.  Should I end this by writing the lyrics to "All because two people fell in love" by Brad Paisley?  No? Well in that case...

August 4, 2002.  Hotness Personified.  

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