Wednesday, May 19, 2010


There has been something on my mind for a long while now. It's a deep, burning desire that I can not control. I fantasized about it for months. I brought it up to my class. I need to go.

It's Noodles and Company.

Guys- it's here. Here in San Diego. Noodles.


Seriously though, I thought I saw a sign for it way back when. Nick told me I had hallucinated. Then to my amazement I see the Noodles sign going up right off of the road I live on! I have history here people. Japanese pan noodles get in my belly!

Love, Kaley


shrtstormtrooper said...

Do you think you would get in trouble for insider trading if you bought stock in Noodles? Since you know the value would go up from all the noodles you would eat...And more importantly, do you think you'd be able to bring HP to jail?

Filia Dei said...


tp said...

wooo-hooo! :) let's coordinate days to go to noodles and then talk about it ;)

Love or Nothing said...

i have one near me but i've never been.. but i'm thinking i should go since you love it so much!!