Friday, March 19, 2010


Today is Nick's Birthday! He is super old, 25 to be exact. Here are some fun facts about Nick on his birthday:

  • Nick and I have known each other for nine of his birthdays.
  • I threw Nick a surprise 18th birthday party that had a tractor theme (?)
  • I threw Nick a 17th birthday party that involved chili cheese dogs.
  • Nick once let me eat most of his birthday cake at Bertucci's.
Living across the country with Nick has brought us together in a wonderful way. He's my best friend, truly. He's patriotic, loyal, and handsome.

So, Happy Birthday Nick!


tp said...

Happy Birthday to Nick! he's so great... and I like those camo-duds... I am SURE that's not how I should refer to them, though.
I remember throwing Ben a surprise 18th b-day party (sans tractors). I'm pretty sure you gave me that idea...

Filia Dei said...

Happy Birthday Nick!