Thursday, February 18, 2010


California does not joke around when it comes to testing. In fact, it is the hardest state, (this side of Connecticut) to get your license transferred to. No offense CA, but you are an education snob. When I took the Praxis II for my teaching license in MD I signed in on a sheet of paper, took the test on a piece of paper in a room with texting test examiners and a broken clock. When I took the CBEST I had to lock ALL of my valuables in a locker, get fingerprinted, get my photo taken, turn out my pockets, prove I did not have a wrist watch on or blue tooth in my ear, and not speak. A person watched me on a closed circuit TV while I tested on a high tech computer. In order to go to the bathroom I had to scan my finger and show an ID. I guess just in case my twin and I switched in the bathroom.

Really California? Really? The test I took was called the California Basic Educational Skills Test which translated into English means: Let's make sure you aren't a moron before you influence our youth. I'm a little offended that they think so little of Maryland. If I am competent enough to teach in the state that borders Washington D.C. then I am smart enough to teach little future celebrities, surfers, and hippies that will grow up and live in California.

And now I will graciously step down from my soapbox with a pert nod and maybe a wink.

Love, Kaley

I scored BETTER on math than reading!? I don't know what to say for myself except the reading concepts taught in MD are a whole lot different than in CA. I made up for it by including every SAT word I knew in the writing section.


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tp said...

UMMMM why are creepy international people still commenting on your blog....

anyway- SO ri-donk-u-lous all that they had you go through! I mean, turn out your pockets, closed circuit TV, really?!?! I am proud of you though!!

Filia Dei said...

that comment is obviously from someone who was just clicking next blog and ran across yours. I translated it from japanese and chinese, japanese had the most words that made sense and they are all just various words related to sex. Isn't that nice?

BTW California is really into the technology aren't they? MD doesn't have that type of security because they spend their money on stuff other than education and infrastructure maintenance.