Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rain, rain, go away!

I know I've already posted about it raining in SoCal. Well, it's doing it again! I've moved the San Diego in the rainiest year they've seen in...well... years! Half the city is underwater. Raging rivers flow down the street. No one has umbrellas.

We got an inch of rain yesterday which is about 1/9 of our annual rainfall. My skylight even leaked a bit. The news was offering tips like "I know you're not used to this mysterious wet stuff falling from the sky, but you should probably slow your car down". The news reported that San Diego has an average of 70 accidents a day. By last night there had been over 170 accidents. My SoCal brethren do not know how to drive when it's raining.

Also, my friend LP is here- on the rainiest week in history. She brought the rain juju.

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Mom said...

Hopefully LP will bring the rain juju back with her so it's nice and sunny when I come out. PS - it was 60 degrees in Naptown today.