Saturday, January 9, 2010

Palm Trees.

I never saw many palm trees in Maryland, except for dead ones in Ocean City at Secrets.

Here in CA I see palm trees everywhere. Not all palm trees can be counted as equal. While traveling around town I noticed that some trees are actually kind of unattractive. How could this be? Why were there so many different species of palm tree?

After much google research I found out a couple of interesting facts. While some palm trees are native to the United States the iconic SoCal palms were actually imported from the Canary Islands. See the above picture for the Canary Island Date Palm. When trimmed properly they look quite nice and even grow pretty tall.

Then there's this tree. Dun, dun, duuuuun! This is the California Fan Palm. My research has revealed that this palm is a haven to nesting rodents and a fire hazard! Some states require them to be pruned! Well, not CA b/c these nasty palms are all up in Point Loma!

Next on my list: Look up Palm tree mating season to see when my eye will inevitably turn red once more.

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DJ said...

What is wrong with the crazy tree huggers in CA? Trim that nasty tree!