Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Doggone it!

I finally did it. I let Nick get a dog.
We are fostering with the intent to adopt a chocolate lab mix. Her name is Molly Weasley. She has already pooped on my carpet. I mean, I'm sure she was nervous and all that... but really? Other than that she is super loving, super shy, loves squeaky toys, and already napped on her dog bed.
Welcome to the family Weasley!


Mom (or Gramma as the case may be) said...

You know, she actually resembles her new foster parents ;-)
Seriously, she's very cute and I'm sure she was just nervous. Just get a big can of Resolve and you'll be all set. Love, Mom

Love or Nothing said...

awwww! she's cute :)

shrtstormtrooper said...

I was wondering why I saw a pig with wings this morning...Now I know.

tp said...

listen- at least she is beautiful! and I've gotta say, even though she crapped up you carpet, I'm a little jealous :)
LP, hahahahaha

Filia Dei said...

You have to start watching animal planet now.

Oh my gosh, you have a dog. Wow. There's really no turning back now.

You will be so glad to have her when Nick is away.