Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I think that I have "senior-itis". It's hard to concentrate on teaching and well-anything else. Sometimes I just nap to manage all the stress. This strategy seems to be working well. I leave in 25 days. Me. West Coast. 25 days. My only companion will be Ron Weasley.

No, no, not Harry Potter's fictional sidekick. The new Vizsla puppy that Nick wants to add to our family. My only stipulation on adding a dog child to our family, as I don't like or want one, is that I get to name it after a character in HP. This dog is red. Ron Weasley it is. Unless it's a girl. Then it can be Ginny Weasley.

Love, Kaley

PS I did NOT realize how many curse words were in "London Bridge" until I downloaded the NON radio edit.


shrtstormtrooper said...

If you stay in MD with me, I'll get a goldfish and you can name it whatever you want. No dogs anywhere in sight!

BTW, I'm planning on seeing you off. What day are you leaving again?

Anonymous said...
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