Monday, May 19, 2008

Big Steps!

Well, Nick graduated from college this weekend!!!!! Yay! We are very excited for this long awaited day. I might add that while we were taking pictures, we saw a baby turtle... and then a dead baby duck. This made us feel a little weird, we were so excited to see the turtle. But then, less enthusiastic, and rightly so, to see the annihilated duckling. Tara saw an alligator snapping turtle on the highway on Friday, which brings our summer turtle sightings up to: 2. I'll keep you posted.

On the flip side... why are graduations so boring? (This is me during the sacred ceremony...but that old lady with the immense turquoise necklace looks a little bored too) There are all these people you don't know, and lots of boring speeches. J. Dudley Eschbach (Could have spelled that wrong, but too lazy to check) congratulated every professor in the known world for their acheivements. And don't get me wrong. I'm proud of them. Wait, no I'm not.

Also, in celebration of said graduation, Nick bought a ukulele (Ooo- ku- lay- lay) if you are a pacific islander. He is learning to play many songs on it... including "Stairway to Heaven". I am impressed by his beginning ukulele skills. In fact, I might buy a hula skirt and we shall go into the luau business.
And so we sign off for now,
Kaley and Nick (Kaley wrote it, but Nick stood behind her and vetoed ideas/added input)


shrtstormtrooper said...

I like the ukelele!

Also, I saw a dead turtle yesterday when I got home to Centreville. The circle of life? I can't be sure.

Anonymous said...

"white sandy beaches" is a biatch of a Ukulele song


artillerywifecq said...

I hate J Dud, and I hate her more at graduation. She rambles on and congratulates everyone and then follows it up with this statement:
"I am personally so proud of each and every student here......". Excuse me! Where the frick have you been my 6 years here at SU? HUMM?? Where were you during my husbands 4 years her? Ohh, in your office, right, I forgot, ordering more clothes and $10K banners for campus.

any way, congrats on the graduation, best of luck in OBC, or OCS, which ever they call it. My husband is a captain in the Army, I remember those days well.