Thursday, June 21, 2012

happy anniversary fatso!

Nick and I celebrate our four year anniversary tomorrow.  I snuck back to the office to look at our wedding photos, in a fit of sentimentality that I can not be held accountable for.

Seriously, I got myself to picture five in the slideshow and stopped dead.  Here it is.

Excuse my face.  Do not excuse my hot body.  "hot" body.

To my horror I look down at myself and realize I am wearing that EXACT same outfit.  Right down to the pants!  Did this shirt shrink in the dryer?  No?  Am I just a fatty faterson?  Yes.  The evidence?  That I cooked a batch of peanut butter oatmeal chocolate cookies and ate five of them while watching a 90210 DVR marathon with Nick.

I'm sexy and I know.  Ah wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle.

To make matters worse I blog searched our anniversary and came across these three pictures.  Sadly at the end of the blog I promise to lose my baby weight by this anniversary.  Hardy har har.

I'm off to eat another cookie.  Here's to four years of wedded bliss!

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Anonymous said...

Ha Ha! I love Nick's expression! That's pretty classic.