Friday, February 3, 2012

chalkboard doodles.

What do you do with yourself when the baby is napping, you don't work, and you're bored?

You craft.  And when you're too lazy to craft?  You doodle on your chalkboard desk and frame.  I realize it seems kind of silly to have a chalkboard frame on a chalkboard desk... but when you buy chalkboard paint it comes with a LOT.  I'll have to paint something else soon!

This is my Dumbledore doodle- complete with mini- pewter Dumbledore from my Aunty M.  He sits on my computer desk and bestows wisdom upon me.

This is my Valentine's Day doodle.  Yeah, that's the Liberty Bell and Thai elephant behind it... because I like tchotchkes (not how I thought that was spelled).  Don't be a hater!

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