Thursday, November 17, 2011

goodwill gems.

There isn't a large selection in a mississippi goodwill.  This is because people actually shop there.  Nick and I were there because we were looking for a majestic wolf t-shirt.  (I can't indulge why, not yet)  We had no luck with the wolf tee, but here are some t-shirts we did find.

Wow.  Did this friendship end badly?  At least he could have kept it to put in his souvenir t-shirt blanket.

Ouch.  That hurts.  Especially coming from Mississippi.  Don't you put on airs Mississippi!!

Eastbound and Down.  Kenny mother (insert curse word) ing Powers ... well you know.

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Tara Peddicord said...

I WANT that del-a-where shirt. for reals. if only it came in my size...