Sunday, May 22, 2011

high school. musical.

When watching High School Musical the parallels to my own life are undeniable.  Meeting my soul mate junior year.  Starring in high school musicals.  Looking attractive.
Alright, alright, the only parallel is that I was dating Nick in high school.  We didn't have dream scholarships.  We didn't even have that many friends.
I know none of you want to admit that you have seen HSM3, but I'm going to call you out and assume that you have.  If nothing else you got to see a 20 year old Zac Efron shirtless.  There is nothing wrong with that.  In the third movie Troy and Gabriella face the cold reality that they may have to have a long distance relationship.  When I flashback to my 17 year old self, I see myself in the basement with Nick, sobbing with my face on the floor because he was staying to go to community college and I was going (gasp) 2 hours away.  I remember Nick giving me a promise ring before I went away on the same bench he proposed to me on... at least I think it was.  My pregnancy memory is hazy and my hormones may have me painting a rosier and more romantic picture than reality.  When we fast forward to present day I find myself  sitting on the couch, pregnant and alone, watching High School Musical 3.

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