Monday, February 28, 2011

swo pin.

SWO.  Surface Warfare Officer.  Meaning: Rider of Naval Ships.  Purveyor of Ship type knowledge.  Skilled in Naval Jargon Linguistics.
SWO Pin.  An indication that you have mastered riding ships, having knowledge, and phrasing knowledge in naval jargon.
It's a big deal.
Nick got one, so now he's a big deal.  He has a big ship on his uniform now.  Behold!
see that ship above US Navy?  that's a swo pin.

the ship's captain pinning nick.  

I added this one to show the big portrait of Dewey in the background.  


sp? said...

its actully closer to "driver of surface navy ships"

tp said...

this is so wonderful! go nick!

Mom said...

Go Nick! The Navy is lucky to have you! I knew you would ace this given the opportunity. I'm super proud!