Friday, April 23, 2010

this blog is not about the navy.

"My arm hurts because I did so many"

It's time for a diet update. Last week I was going through a "I hate Weight Watchers, I'm quitting and living off of french fry casserole for the rest of my life" stage.

This week I lost two pounds! That brings my total weight loss to six pounds. I'm not sure why I'm telling the world wide web, but lets face it. I'm excited. I fit into my blue pants.

This week I was severely tempted to stress eat. I have officially taken over the Fifth Grade at a small Christian school. I love the school, I love the opportunity, I do. It's just that- well, teaching is hard. Taking over the Multicultural fair, Speech meet, Book of the Month Club, and Maritime Museum overnight sailing field trip has been... overwhelming. At one point I broke into a full body sweat when looking at Sixth grade math. Also, there are 28 of them.

Help me Harry Wong!

I'll end on a happy note. The following are quotes from Fifth Grade book reports.

On The Hobbit:
"They fight goblins, spiders, and many more. Last they get to the dragon and they kill Him. Then bilbo returns to his hole"

On Harry Potter:
"I thought the book was a good book all in all because it had a lot of action and Voldemort was not included a lot"


Filia Dei said...

Do you have an out line for the fifth grade book report? I would love, love to force my children to do book reports but I wasn't very good at it and I need some guidance.

Love or Nothing said...

yay for working again! and good job on your diet! i seriously don't have enough willpower to do weight watchers, so props to you :)