Monday, March 8, 2010

Navy Commissioning

You may be wondering what it means that Nick's ship was commissioned this past Saturday.

To clarify I have looked up the definition of commissioning, as follows: to give the order that places a warship, military command, etc., in a state of complete readiness for active duty.

The USS Dewey was formerly the PCU Dewey. PCU means "Pre Commissioned Unit". Now it is a "United States Ship".

There was a lot of pomp and ceremony involved in this particular commissioning. There were speeches, there were important people. Admiral Mullen gave a rousing speech. I think he may have joined the Navy 100 years ago.

After all the testing is done of Nick's ship it will be ready to go out and do whatever the Navy wants it to do. Since Nick was on a Pre-Com Unit he is considered to be a "plank holder". This is a pretty cool thing in the Navy apparently. I believe he gets a plaque that will go up on my wall and a special hat.

Do you feel educated? Informed? Good.

I also have to blog about what we did following the Commissioning. We were close to L.A. so we wanted to see the walk of fame. As we were driving toward it Nick reminded us that the Oscar's were tonight!

We saw the red carpet! We saw after parties being set up! We saw a transvestite! (Wait, that's irrelevant to the Oscar's) We saw limos and people dressed up in gowns. It was pretty out of this world. Who can say that they have seen the red carpet? No celebrities though.

Love, Kaley

and Molly with whom I am finally reunited!

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